Are you experiencing one or more of the following challenges?

  • procrastinating and not achieving meaningful goals
  • navigating through company politics
  • feeling afraid to speak up for what you need and want
  • working with a difficult person who is making your life miserable
  • new to managing people and really struggling
  • wanting to create more balance in work and life
  • dealing with ambiguity at management level
  • uncertainty around an unexpected change

Did you know it is common to feel this way?  These are examples of some issues we have helped our professional and management coaching clients work through. 


What is Coaching?

Coaching is about helping you dig deep around what gets in the way of accomplishing your goals. We focus less on the circumstances you’re in or the “story” and more about your beliefs, assumptions and the little voices in your head that distract you. Once you gain clarity, we examine ways to overcome those self-imposed challenges so you can show up differently. What do we mean by this? It’s about being clear about your intentions and attention you have towards the goals you are striving for. It’s about having laser focus and taking purposeful actions. We do this by devising a practical plan with key milestones and we work together through the actual and anticipated challenges. It’s about embracing discomfort that comes with change and remaining committed to your sources of inspiration especially when the going gets tough. As your accountability partner, we hold your feet to the fire to get you to the finish line.

Our coaching clients experience a range of benefits as a result of our coaching engagement. Most common responses include improved work performance, increased self-confidence, better communication skills and greater satisfaction about achieving their goals.

Are you...

  • keen to achieve an important goal but lack focus and drive
  • willing to be held accountable for achieving results
  • self-aware and ready to take a deeper look at your beliefs, assumptions and attitude
  • someone who does what you say when you are committed
  • open to change and trying new things
  • inspired about making a big difference
  • naturally a high-performer with a solid track record
  • ready to face the discomfort that comes with attaining your goal

If you answer YES to most of these statements, you will achieve incredible results with coaching. Contact us to book a complimentary coaching session to help you get started. 

The results our clients generate are directly correlated with actions they take. The real question is how BIG do you want to play?

Read through our testimonials to see how we have helped our clients. 


Coaching in Organizations

Coaching plays a critical role in developing today’s talent and fostering a workplace culture that mentors, motivates and retains an organization’s future leaders. It is an essential part of building management capabilities as a major differentiator in a competitive business environment.

Today, coaching in organizations is most effectively used to improve skills related to decision-making, delegation, focus, and stress reduction, as well as to develop a broad range of business skills and competencies.  It is also effective in facilitating problem solving by developing and empowering an employee’s ability to find their own solutions.

When coaching is used to supplement training, participants increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone (Source: Public Personnel Management, 1997). Further research has shown that coaching is successful when used as part of leadership development programs particularly with new managers who require additional support integrating key learnings into their routine.

As part of building a leadership culture which inspires people to do their best work, managers need to become better coaches. A common challenge which prevents companies from developing this key skill is a lack of knowledge and awareness of what it means to be coached. This is where we can come in to either provide one-to-one coaching or group coaching for your management staff. Then we can educate your managers on what it takes to be a great coach and build their coaching skills on the job. This approach forms the seeds of a coaching culture which drives engagement, high performance and has a direct impact on business results.

Want to stand out and make a difference? Start by developing your management team’s coaching skills and let us help you.