Are you facing one or more of the following challenges in your business?

  • high turnover of key talent
  • low productivity and morale
  • higher than average absenteeism
  • increase in customer complaints
  • employee resistance around recent changes
  • unnecessary conflicts and communication breakdowns
  • inexperienced managers who are struggling in their roles

It’s easier to believe employees are to blame however when you dig deeper, the source of many of these issues stem from poor management skills and practices.  These issues are compounded when managers get promoted or hired without any management skills training or coaching support. Companies experiencing rapid growth in a short period are particularly vulnerable.

You might see these issues as problems. We see them as opportunities and signals for change.

At Synfini Works, we help businesses take an honest look at these issues by examining its management practises, capabilities and culture. Our discovery process involves getting to the core around your current challenges and identifying appropriate services and resources to address your needs and create sustainable change. 

The quickest way to create turnaround and increase performance is to turn managers into better communicators and coaches.  We offer educational webinars, training and coaching support to increase management effectiveness.

We also partner with businesses who are seeking a comprehensive approach around people management and business results. Once we have established the scope of work, you can count on us to recommend people and communication strategies suitable for your type of business. Our mission is to implement strategies that foster a collaborative work culture where managers and employees are inspired to do their best work, your customers rave about you, and your business results become extraordinary. If our mission matches your vision, magical things can happen. 

Our goal is to collaborate with the right players between our teams, on custom solutions which fit your unique culture. Regardless of the scope of engagement, we can count on us to offer exceptional customer service and to deliver high quality products and services. We are committed to your success.

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