Middle managers struggle with handling competing priorities between their teams and upper management. You need upper management to listen to your concerns but are afraid to do so because they expect you to have all of the answers.

Your team is struggling to keep up with unrealistic demands and expect you to advocate on their behalf. It’s a tough spot when you feel like you have little influence.


Can you relate to ANY of this? Do you notice any patterns?

The truth is managing people is hard work. 90% of managers do not receive any sort of management training or support so they are left to figure it out for themselves. The risk is your team is looking to you for direction and guidance and if you don’t know how to give it, chances are you will not get the results you want. This means, instead of delegating, you end up doing more work and feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Sounds familiar?

Maybe I can help.

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Are you looking for this type of change and support?

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Do you have responsibility over employees?

Are you torn between between being “too nice” and being “too demanding” because you depend on people to get stuff done but you are NOT getting the results you want? This reflects badly on you making you wonder…

“Am I doing the RIGHT things?”

“Is there a BETTER way?”

DID YOU KNOW most managers feel exactly the same as you do!

Ever wonder why?


It gets lonely the higher you go in your company. Most CEOs and VPs don’t talk openly about their challenges because they want to appear competent and confident.

So, you keep it inside and complain to someone whom you trust and won’t make you look bad. Ironically, this confidant tends to be outside your company.


If you are new to managing a team, you are reluctant to ask for what you need. This is especially challenging when you got promoted from within and you are doing everything by trial and error.

At the core, you might feel like an imposter because your team knows the only difference between YOU and THEM is the money you make and your title.


My name is Shelly D. Cyr, Business and HR Coach of Synfini Works. I work business owners and their management teams find a better way to get the results they want from their teams.

I help you get clear about your priorities and expectations of others so everyone understands what they can and cannot do and where you can influence.

We offer coaching, consulting and training services to assist you in this journey. Depending on your needs, my team and I can show you how to communicate with your team and set efficient processes and systems to address when things get off the tracks so you don’t feel like a tyrant.

We leave you feeling self-assured and empowered in how you interact with your teams so you can feel a sense of pride in the results you both produce. You will feel more confident in the decisions you make around people and profits. And most importantly, you are not alone because you have a trusted accountability partner to get you on track. Read our testimonials to see the difference we are making. 


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