Management Training

At Synfini Works, we are passionate about helping business leaders become exceptional at leading their people. One way we support this quest is by providing relevant management training to build awareness, skills and capability.

Your training is in great hands with our lead facilitator, Shelly D. Cyr, who is a Certified Training Professional (CTP) through the Institute of Performance and Learning. Over her professional career, Shelly has acquired specialized experience in management development and has trained hundreds of managers on a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Management Fundamentals

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Leading through Coaching

  • Delegation Skills

  • Preparing for Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

Is it time to strengthen the management skills in your company? Request a Discovery session for us to learn more about your current skills, management challenges and to prioritize relevant training for your business. If training is the best option, we work with you to align training objectives with your strategic goals, identify key outcomes and metrics for your session(s), and ways to integrate and sustain new learnings into your work environment.

In April 2016, we will be launching our online Leadership Essentials Webinar Series ideal for busy managers who want to improve their skills around delegation, handling conflict, and coaching staff. Sign up for Synfini Burst newsletter for upcoming details or visit our Events page to read more, purchase and register for sessions.  

Team Effectiveness Workshops

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We also know that to make a difference for the whole, we need to go to the individual level to create acceptance and change. Synfini Works is about taking teams to a new level of engagement and dialogue. We do this by facilitating high impact sessions with a variety of teams.

Are you experiencing repeated and unnecessary conflict amongst team members? Or perhaps, you have a new team and want everyone to get to know each other better. Either way, you can bring us in for a half-day or full day team effectiveness session. We use assessments like Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and experiential activities to build self-awareness around communication preferences and to deepen dialogue with team members around meaningful ways to work together. 

Are you faced with turning around a dysfunctional management team where there is no trust, limited accountability and their results are negatively impacting your bottom line? We offer specialized workshops and support for these types of situations. We can help you break through the illusion and create a shift in respect and trust. To do so, it means giving a voice to the unspoken issues, working through discomfort and anxiety and committing to a new way of working which drives high performance.

Can we help you take your team to a new level? If what we offer sounds like a fit, let's talk.