The new management webinar series offered by Synfini Works is a great tool for broker owners and office managers. The online course offers management practices and tools to implement in your brokerage. The webinars are concise, on time and professional. I recommend this program to those who want to take the next step in their operation.
— Ryan Tupper, President, Absolute Insurance Brokers
I really enjoyed participating in the webinars. Shelly is a credit to the customer service and human resource profession.
— Jennifer Butcher, Personal Lines Manager, M. Edward Powell Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Many of our broker partners previously participated in the original worthwhile series. Great insights and perspectives that enable you to challenge your thinking when it comes to your own effectiveness as a leader. A very good investment!
— Dave Smiley, VP of Operations, Unica Insurance
This is a fantastic program for great value. The course stood out from other management training I have received in the past. It helped me think about my current managerial style and empowered me to take actions around leading with purpose, delegating effectively, dealing with challenging behaviours and motivating my staff in new ways.
— Ben Chambers, Broker Manager, Chambers Insurance Professional Inc.
We believe our managers are instrumental to how our brokerage performs. Josslin Insurance made a significant investment to have 15 of our management staff go through the original program together. As a team, we learned relevant management tips and strategies and it was also a reminder of the things we’re doing well. Some of our managers also participated in the opportunity to get focused coaching on current management issues they faced.

Shelly is committed to helping us succeed. The program was a worthwhile investment in many ways. Synfini Works is a partner we would highly recommend!
— — Steve and Scott Wagler, Owners of Josslin Insurance Brokers Ltd


If you're looking for a skilled coach, you'll find it in Shelly. I didn't know what to expect when I started my coaching relationship with her, but I knew I was ready for a change. I needed to challenge myself to move to a new level of accountability, where I would see real sustained change in my life. I just wasn't sure where to start. 

That’s when Shelly became my accountability partner! She helped me set meaningful goals and focused on achieving my desired outcomes. Shelly created a trusting environment where I felt free to share, dig deep and explore historical patterns that were hindering me from moving forward. She guided me through the process in a firm, gentle and supportive way. She helped me confront my excuses and empowered me to embrace the discomfort around the changes I wanted. Looking back, it was a rewarding experience for me, and I achieved much more than I anticipated. I would highly recommend her as a coach because she is a trusted professional who is truly committed to the success of her clients. 

– June Watson

For me the coaching sessions worked in a couple of ways; first the tools support self-reflection and self-exploration, and secondly, in a one-one session Shelly uses “questioning” to push me to think from a different angle or point of view – which leads to realization or new ideas or approaches.

– Iain Park

Shelly’s coaching has been remarkably beneficial for me.  She kept me accountable and brought to light my potential which resulted in achieving my goals in a short period of time. What I most appreciated about Shelly is her kind, non-judgmental and compassionate nature as well as her adept listening skills and expertise. She made me feel very at ease to open up to her and share my fears, challenges and ideals enabling me to make impressive strides within my current job and gave me a positive outlook for my future career goals.

– Sylvie Herbert

Coaching with Shelly was a really terrific experience. I found the coaching session helpful in getting me to reveal on how I handled previous situations and how I could do things differently in the future. Shelly created a space for me to ‘pause and reflect’ about situations, so I could get a clearer picture of my priorities and actions going forward.

– Chris Spearen


Shelly is a fearless leader, collaborative team player and strong leadership coach. During a pivotal time in RSA's history - rebranding, HR Transformation, employee engagement as a business priority, significant growth mandate, acquisitions - Shelly led from the front. As an example, Shelly volunteered to take on a strong leadership role in launching our new employee engagement mandate - training and coaching our leaders in demonstrating the right leadership attributes that would enable greater team engagement and performance. The proof were in the results: a massive surge in engagement - which was critical in enabling us to capture the hearts of our employees during our rebranding campaign - and the company achieved our financial targets...even during and shortly after a global economic downturn. Shelly cares deeply about each individual she comes in contact with and about making a meaningful impact. Shelly has the strategic ability to integrate key engagement initiatives which infuses 'heart' into business results. Her expertise and passion would benefit companies seeking to make a meaningful impact in their culture. 

– Michael Kyritsis, former VP of Human Resources at Royal Sun Alliance (RSA)

Trusted advisor who can bring calm to chaos! Shelly implemented short-term deliverables from a comprehensive needs assessment she conducted for York Region’s Paramedic Services Captains team. What stands out in my mind with Shelly is her ability to adapt quickly to our fast-paced culture and become a trusted advisor within Paramedic Services. She worked directly with my team to develop their facilitation skills and empowered them with strategies to be proactive in preparing for our Professional Development days. Shelly also worked closely with our management team to ensure open dialogue and collaboration at all levels. Above all, her commitment to service excellence and discerning nature is a true asset for any clients who want to take their people development to a new and sustainable level. 

– Chris Spearen, Acting Deputy Chief of Performance and Development at Regional Municipality of York 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shelly Cyr, of Synfini Works, on several occasions and really appreciate her professional and customer-oriented approach. She has helped me think through different situations I am facing with thoughtful questions to explore possible root causes and gives well-rounded strategic advice that makes sense for our business. I would recommend Shelly to any business owner who is seeking an objective and insightful perspective on a particular business issue.”

- Debra Scott, President & CEO of Newmarket Chamber of Commerce


Invaluable expertise is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Shelly. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shelly after requesting her to complete a training needs assessment for York Region’s Paramedic Services Captains team as part of our strategic initiative. Above all, I was most impressed with Shelly’s ability to take initiative and work with the necessary partners to create a comprehensive review whereby tangible recommendations were executed. And of course, her collaborative and astute nature is a true asset for any clients requiring a review of their people practises and seeking customizable deliverables which will be integrated into their business operations.

– Iain Park, Deputy Chief, Paramedic Operations at Regional Municipality of York


We’ve been delighted to work with Shelly Cyr, from Synfini Works, for our annual team event. She has a particular patience and gentle yet assertive manner that helps to break through staff reticence and identifies core issues which need attention. Her collaborative approach is distinct compared to other facilitators and trainers I’ve worked with. She is attentive to our unique needs and designs a customized program accordingly. In the end, she provides insight and inspiration we didn’t know we had! I would highly recommend Shelly as a facilitator with teams, of any size, who want to deepen their level of commitment and results.
— Todd Kyle, CEO, Newmarket Public Library