Synfini Works is a boutique firm, which helps owners of small businesses, bring out the BEST in their people. When you work with us, we can:

  • Help you get clarity on your strategic vision and priorities
  • Build confidence around how you manage your people and
  • Assist in making informed decisions to create efficiencies in your sales and operations

Our services range from accredited training courses, consulting, and coaching services to customized solutions, which make sense for your operations.

We specialize in the insurance industry creating collaborative approaches to help brokerages thrive. Our work has helped Principal Brokers and their Sales and Service teams:



  • Create operational plans to keep focused on key priorities aligned with their vision
  • Develop practical strategies to increase customer attraction and retention by leveraging existing resources



  • Define sales process and metrics to close more deals
  • Assess gaps in current processes to decrease quoting times and increase renewals



  • Turn around weak performance in under 3 months
  • Introduce better meeting strategies to keep on top of priorities and stay accountable
  • Increased personal productivity by optimizing email inbox and delegating more
  • Achieve clarity about roles and responsibilities



  • Develop essential management skills with RIBO-accredited online course
  • Deepen team communication about barriers to success and inspiring actions
  • Personalized one-on-one COACHING to increase personal and managerial effectiveness



  • Select top candidates using thorough screening and innovative interview techniques
  • Assist existing staff with high volume recruitment as needed


We also have created similar results in other industries such as Manufacturing, Publishing, Pharmaceuticals and Non-For-Profits. 



Shelly D. Cyr

Shelly D. Cyr

Shelly D. Cyr is the Mastermind behind Synfini Works. She wears many hats but most proud of Business and HR Coach. 

After 15 years in the field, working with 100’s of managers as well as managing teams both formally and informally, she has learned a few things about what it takes to be an effective manager and leader. She started Synfini Works to assist progressive business owners including insurance brokers get results by better managing their time, people and operations.

At her best, Shelly fiercely listens and asks powerful questions to get you to think through decisions and impact. She works collaboratively with management to identify customized solutions, high impact deliverables and sustainable change, which makes sense for their businesses. She stands out in the way she creates momentum, excitement and focus around results.

She has an impressive educational background, which you can check out on LinkedIn page as well as Client testimonials to see the impact she has had on her Clients.

Sara Bibb

Sara Bibb

George Antony

George Antony


Sara Bibb is our talented Recruiter and Human Resources Consultant.

You will think she is part of your team because she takes pride in serving her Clients and getting the best possible candidates for their vacancies. Sara has a comprehensive recruitment background in a variety of industries and it shows because she makes the process look easy.

Sara is also specialized in Human Resources. She completed her post-graduate program in Human Resources Management at Seneca College and obtained her Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation in 2009.

She provides clear advice to our Clients around policies, employment legislation and helps them navigate through tricky people issues. Sara helps you think through your obligations as an employer and its impact on your employees.


George Antony is our Operational Excellence Practice Lead.

At his best, George is a wizard when it comes to numbers and assisting you in making sense of your data to make better decisions. As a result, he helps you systematically think about what metrics and steps are necessary to grow successfully and assists in making it a reality.

George has a breadth of experience in helping organizations of all sizes and shapes to grow by helping them define the right strategy and improve performance and processes to align with their vision. In his formative years at Ernst & Young and KPMG, he advised companies on cost optimization and process improvements.